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Welcome to the website of Nick Grant..


Nick is a Toastmaster based in the London Area, but his work takes him all over the UK and abroad.


As a Member of The London Guild of Toastmasters his work needs to be of the highest standard, providing decorum, organisation and pomp at all kinds of Functions.


This doesnt mean that he will make YOUR function or event dry, serious or unenjoyable.  His main aim is to provide the guidance and help to ensure that your event runs to the Agenda and timeline, without stress and with as relaxed an atmosphere as possible.


Many visitors to his site will be searching for someone to help them at their Wedding.  Nicks advice is simple; "It's going to be the most important day of your life (so far), so you need to find someone you Trust and Like.  Talk to your Toastmaster, you will know when you've found the right one!"



Nick has worked at over 800 Functions since becoming a Toastmaster 19 years ago. The vast majority of his work being with European or Asian Couples.  For Nick the complexity and diversity of all Races, Creeds, Cultures and Religions makes for an interesting and enjoyable working environment. He likes the challenge, and is motivated to provide the best possible event for the often nervous and inexperienced Bride and Groom.

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